About Us

The Foundation of VMCO was laid by Mr. Vishnu Mehra in the year 1986. Thereafter, in 2016, the baton of the Firm was handed over to Mr. Karan Mehra, Managing Partner, with the hope and belief that the latter will bring the Firm at the frontier of the Legal Practice in the Asian Subcontinent.

Today, VMCO has a presence in the major cities of Delhi, Noida, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Pune, and Bengaluru. In January 2020, the VMCO collaborated with a well-established Law Firm in Malaysia to provide cross-border legal assistance to its clients.

The network of lawyers and other professionals of VMCO is undeniably strong and extends to the larger hemisphere owing to the various collaborations of the Firm. These have made VMCO a pristine Law Firm with highly qualified and ardent lawyers as well as other Professionals who are present across the Globe and specialize in every area of legal and other ancillary practisces.

With abundant success stories and an unending pool of knowledge, the VMCO Team continues to grow and render high quality services to all its clients such as Multinational Companies, Conglomerates, PSUs, MSMEs across various industries and sectors.