Mr. Arihant Jain

Mr. Arihant Jain holds a record of being a meritorious student throughout his legal education. He was awarded the Chief Justice of India gold medal for his academic excellence. Arihant has had many years of experience leading projects and serving as a Partner at Khaitan & Co. His corporate sector experience and expertise encompass a broad range of areas, including joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, commercial contracts of high value and cross-border transactions.

According to Arihant, the most important adage and the only adage is, “the interest of the client comes first”. He believes in securing the interest of his clients as a core practice of his business and is a reliable and consistent advisor who has offered legal solutions in due diligence whilst being highly effective and responsive. Arihant has provided guidance on commercial matters of law and disputes to major corporate listed companies using innovative thinking and dedication.

By rendering strategic advice and firm direction in corporate restructuring matters, he has also managed the corporate structures of other companies. Arihant has built a solid understanding of the Indian Legal and Regulatory Framework, conducted various seminars, and co-chaired multiple panel discussions on topics of legal relevance. He has ensured the success of his clients by providing a long-term vision. He is a hard-working individual and a versatile thought leader with a humanitarian quality to build lasting relationships with his clients and colleagues.