VMCO takes utmost pride in being one of the very few law firms in India which is engaged in the practice under Immigration Laws.

Lawyers at the Firm offer a wide range of services which cover all facets of immigration including the filing of immigration applications to advisory and litigation pertaining to immigration issues.

In addition to these, VMCO also offers advisory services pertaining to corporate transactions which are affected by the ramifications of immigration issues, including the provision of perspectives and consultation on global visa issues, bankruptcy and naturalization applications, tax ramifications and cross-border corporate restructuring.

Immigration Lawyer at Vishnu Mehra & Co. Law Offices

Our Clients include individuals as well as publically traded corporations, private companies, and startup ventures.

Other services offered by VMCO include,

Consular Processing, Employment Petitions;

Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Applications, Green Card Procedures and Submissions;

Work Permits;

Student Visas, Express Entry;

PNP Entrepreneur;

Spousal Sponsorship etc;

Consular Processing;

Drafting of Employment Petitions; Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Applications;

Assistance and Advisory Services pertaining to Green Card Procedures and Submissions;

Services pertaining to Indian FRRO and Visa Matters; and

Consultancy services on Matrimonial and Adoption matters intertwined with Immigration.