Insurance & Regulatory

With Insurance Law being the foremost practice of VMCO, its expertise in the same is indefeasible. The Partner in charge of the Insurance and Regulatory practice is extremely devoted and proficient and has an experience of over 3 decades in handling cases of various public and private entities, individuals, MSMEs, organizations and associations.

Through his experience and success in matters, we have become a pre-eminent Insurance Law Firm with high flying clients, who are happy with our services pertaining to insurance claims, asset management, pensions, insurance structuring and restructuring as well as risk transfer services.

Insurance Lawyers at Vishnu Mehra & Co. Law offices

The services of Insurance & Regulatory practice of VMCO include the following:

Advisory services pertaining to insurance claims and other issues, regulatory & compliance audits, and other related matters; and

Advisory and litigation of insurance and regulatory matters.

Practice Head

Founding Partner