Intellectual Property Rights

Our team at VMCO are well aware of the importance of intellectual property, especially in the present era, and thus we work towards protecting its value. In furtherance of this, the services provided by VMCO in the field extend to the entire gamut of intellectual property rights including Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, Designs as well as Geographical Indications, wherein our lawyers provide a diligent coverage of all aspects including the filing of IP applications and representing clients in high stake litigations. By virtue of rendering such high quality relevant services in the field of intellectual property, we have gained a supreme reputation and expertise in the practice.

a man holding red colour IPR named tab

The Lawyers and Partners of the Firm provide expert advice to clients on the basis of their years of experience and knowledge and offer the following services:

Filing of IPR applications/ objections/ replies to objections;

Advisory and Consultation services pertaining to IPs;

IP litigation; and

Drafting and advisory services on licensing and other aspects.