TraqCheck Ltd.

TraqCheck is an innovative startup that utilizes Artificial Intelligence based technology to provide accurate employment verifications for leading companies and conglomerates. Since its establishment in 2020, TraqCheck has emerged to be a one-of-a kind SaaS platform which uses modern algorithms and automations to deliver promisingly precise and swift results.

With the offer of extensive background checks that extend to court cases as well as any minor discrepancies, TraqCheck technology provides a detailed report to employers, thus helping the latter in making correct decisions while hiring.

Mr. Armaan Mehta

Mr. Armaan Mehta is the co-founder of TraqCheck and an innovator by profession. He obtained a degree in Econometrics and Quantitative Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles, in 2020 post which he underwent Technical Training in Data Science & Machine Learning.

Armaan is licensed in Accounting and Fundamentals as well as in Corporate Finance from the Corporate Finance Institute and has previously worked with SoftBank Investment Advisors and with the Global Education & Leadership Foundation.