Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

VMCO has a proven expertise in the field of Litigation and Arbitration (domestic and overseas) and offers a wide range of services in matters under various laws including Insurance, Real-Estate, CIRP, Taxation, Immigration, Criminal, Civil, Commercial, Consumer, Matrimonial etc.

The team of Advocates are trained to use all possible and viable techniques to resolve a dispute and bring an effective resolution for their clients. They are well experienced in handling high risk matters with precision and excellence and are headed by even more zealous partners with a rich expertise.

NCLT Case Dispute Lawyers at Vishnu Mehra Law offices

VMCO has advised on complex matters involving substantial claims to global leading industrial clients working in a wide range of fields.

Lawyers at VMCO make regular and impactful appearances and representations in a full spectrum of matters before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, the Hon’ble High Courts across the nation, NCLTs/NCLATs, NCDRC, RERA, CCI, NGT, etc.